How to train your mind to not procrastinate

The Bridge Chronicle looks at how to deal with intimidating tasks
How to train your mind to not procrastinate
Everyday tasks can be intimidating but here's how do deal with it.Image: The Bridge Chronicle

Recently, we decoded procrastination to understand better the reason behind it. We looked into the details of why we procrastinate, and how sometimes an ill feeling attached to a task can lead us to procrastination.

This deep dive into procrastination, lead us to understand that often when we procrastinate, it could be because a task is intimidating. The nature of the task could be such that it makes us question if we are the right person to do it. Or if it is a physical activity, it could make us believe that a certain activity might cause us physical harm. Take vaccination for example.

Beginning May 1st, India has decided to begin a vaccination drive for everyone above the age of 18 in the country. Until the decision was formally announced, people in the country questioned why the vaccination was not available for the youth. And now that it is, people are apprehensive of taking it. Youth from the country are now worried if the vaccination will cause any major side effect. Social media is flocked with memes, where anti-vaxers are trying to manipulate the situation by making people believe otherwise.

The fear of a side effect is so strong, that people are willing to procrastinate as much as possible. Despite knowing that getting a vaccine could help them in becoming more immune from the virus. People are willing to "wait and watch other people's reactions before taking the vaccine."

Another example could be a solo trip. We all dream about it, we often almost plan to leave but only to cancel it at the end moment. The reasons could be many but being intimated by the task is one of the top ones. Out of all the people who wish to travel alone, most of them do not end up doing it because the task is too intimidating.

Everyday tasks can be intimidating but here's how do deal with it.
Decoding Procrastination: The devil that won't let us finish our work

Telling the story from the other side:

We often feel intimidated when an action or activity seems too hard to dangerous to accomplish. These tasks might be very short and might not take as long to accomplish. It might be so that a little endurance may help us sail through. But telling your mind the story from the other side, where you have accomplished the task, helps in giving us the strength to deal with the situation at hand. Apart from that, sensing the feeling of accomplishment gives us a sense of pride which further makes the task more appealing.

Imagine your future self:

When thinking about intimidating tasks, think about your future self and how over time, you might not always be able to do everything. Research suggests that people often look at their older versions as strangers. But with time, we are slowly walking towards our own stranger-self. Chances are if you like doing something new, you might like it in the future too. But might not always be able to do it then. As we age, there might be restrictions on what we can or cannot do. Hence, it is important to be kind to your older self.

A holistic picture:

Sometimes, getting through something, might not be as difficult as we believe it to be. Some things might seem intimidating in the beginning, but not be hard when we think about it. Or sometimes, when thinking about being on the other side, we might realise that it was not all that important after all. Whatever be the case, giving your mind logical reasoning can sometimes help us become more aware of what we are planning to do.

If someone can, why can't I:

When something intimidates us, we often resort to negative thoughts. The positive side is often overshadowed by the awful negative thoughts that take over our brain. But, mental strength lies in overcoming these pessimistic thoughts and becoming who you envision yourself to become. To achieve what you aim to achieve. Questioning your potential, and challenging yourself always goes a long way in achieving your goals. The question is not a comparison but a means of telling yourself the sky is the limit.

Working to better yourself and achieving goals takes immense commitment and hard work. It is easy to sit and watch but the hustle is always worth it when you reach the top.

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