Ban on Heavy Vehicles to Solve Traffic Congestion in Lonavala

Large buses will be allowed to enter only up to a certain point but will be prohibited from reaching tourist spots.
Representative Image
Representative Image

Pune: To tackle the issue of traffic congestion in Lonavala, heavy vehicles will be banned from entering the area. This ban will be strictly enforced on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Instructions have been issued to the police, the Road Development Corporation, IRB, and highway police to ensure compliance. Due to multiple routes leading to Lonavala, the congestion problem is significant.

Large buses will be allowed to enter only up to a certain point but will be prohibited from reaching tourist spots. Rickshaw and taxi drivers, as well as hotels, have been informed about these restrictions. Private bungalows have been instructed to inform their visitors and check their identification.

Tourist spots in Lonavala fall under various jurisdictions, including the Lonavala Municipal Council, Forest Department, Railway Department, and private properties. Each entity will be responsible for the safety of the tourist spots within their jurisdiction.

The Forest Department is tasked with ensuring that tourists do not stay in the Lions Point area beyond the designated time. District Collector Suhas Divse warned that any officials or departments found neglecting their duties will face action.

Joint operations will be conducted at all locations to install information boards and implement safety measures for tourists.

Accidents can create a negative perception of the area, harming the reputation of the city and its tourist spots, which in turn affects the tourism business. To prevent such incidents, it is essential for everyone to adhere to a code of conduct. Visitors are encouraged to park their vehicles and enjoy the natural beauty on foot.

The Chief Minister has issued strict orders regarding unauthorized businesses and drug activity. There will be stringent action against any illegal drug sales or tourists attempting to procure drugs in Lonavala.

District Collector Suhas Divase stated that immediate and strict action will be taken against any such activities. Additionally, encroachments on the Mumbai-Pune National Highway and roads leading to tourist spots will be removed within two days as instructed.

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