Baramati: Bull deal ends in gunfire, one injured

Suspects include Gaurav Shahaji Kakade and Gautam Shahaji Kakade, both sons of the former president of Someshwar Sugar Factory
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Pune: In a shocking incident related to the purchase of a racing bull, a young man was shot in the head in the Baramati area. The incident led to a case being filed against three individuals, including the sons of former Someshwar Sugar Factory president, Shahaji Kakade, at Wadgaon Nimbalkar police station.

The suspects include Gaurav Shahaji Kakade and Gautam Shahaji Kakade (both residents of Nimbut, Baramati, Pune), along with another individual.

The victim, Ranjit Nimbalkar (resident of Tavad, Phaltan, Satara), is currently receiving treatment in the intensive care unit of a private hospital in Baramati. Ankita Ranjit Nimbalkar (23) lodged the complaint with the police.

According to the police, Ranjit Nimbalkar had sold a bull named "Sundar" to Gautam Kakade for a transaction worth ₹37 lakh. A sum of ₹500000 had been paid as an advance. The Kakade brothers summoned Nimbalkar to their residence in Nimbut to collect the remaining amount. On Thursday night (June 27), Nimbalkar went to the Kakade residence with his family.

Gautam Kakade questioned Nimbalkar, asking why he had told Santosh Todkar that he hadn’t received the money. Gautam insisted, "You shouldn’t have said that. I’ll give you the money in the morning. Sign this stamp paper now."

In response, Nimbalkar stated, "Give me the remaining money, and I’ll sign immediately. If you don't want to complete the transaction, I’ll return your Rs 500,000, and you give me back my bull."

As Nimbalkar headed towards his car, Gautam called his brother Gaurav and their associates, declaring, "Let’s see how you take the bull." Gautam instructed his associates to assault Nimbalkar. Gaurav threatened Nimbalkar with a stick while hurling abuses. Vaibhav Kadam intervened, suggesting they discuss the matter the next day. However, Gaurav, brandishing a pistol, threatened, "You won’t leave with the bull. I won’t let you live," and shot Nimbalkar in the head.

Nimbalkar, critically injured, was immediately rushed to a private hospital. Assistant Police Inspector Rahul Ghuge is leading the investigation.

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