Baramati Bull Deal Gunfire: Ranjit Nimbalkar succumbs to injuries

Approximately 700 to 800 people rushed to the Wadgaon Nimbalkar Police Station, demanding the immediate arrest of fugitive suspect Gautam Kakade.
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Pune: The young man, identified as Ranjit Nimbalkar, who was shot in the head in Baramati over a dispute related to purchase of a racing bull, succumbed to serious injuries. Following the death of Ranjit, his relatives and fans from the bullock cart racing community have expressed their anger.

Approximately 700 to 800 people rushed to the Wadgaon Nimbalkar Police Station, demanding the immediate arrest and severe punishment of the fugitive suspect, Gautam Kakade.

The police have assured the crowd of taking stringent action and have appealed for calm. Gautam Kakade, known in the bullock cart racing field, had bought Ranjit Nimbalkar's prized bull, 'Sundar,' for ₹500000 in Phaltan.

On Tuesday night, Nimbalkar, accompanied by his wife, daughter, and two friends, went to Kakade's house to collect the remaining amount. A dispute arose in front of the house.

During the altercation, Gautam Kakade's brother, Gaurav, shot Ranjit directly in the head with a pistol. Ranjit succumbed to his injuries early this morning. The news spread rapidly throughout Baramati and Phaltan talukas.

Nimbalkar, a prominent figure in the bullock cart racing community, had many enraged supporters who gathered outside the Phaltan Police Station, demanding the arrest of Gautam Kakade.

Meanwhile, a large crowd of Nimbalkar's relatives and bullock cart race enthusiasts gathered at the Wadgaon Nimbalkar Police Station in the afternoon.

The crowd grew to around 700-800 people by 2 PM. The mob expressed their emotions by staging a sit-in in front of the police station. Ranjit's wife, Ankita, and father, Eknath, were also present.

A relative warned, "If the police cannot do it, we will seek justice ourselves." Some youths demanded, "Arrest Gautam Kakade today and impose the harshest punishment. Return the bull, Sundar, to us."

Bullock cart racing enthusiasts have also condemned the incident and demanded the return of the bull. Ranjit's father, Eknath Nimbalkar, friend Sachin Shrirang Deshmukh, sister-in-law Komal Nimbalkar, aunt Sangeeta Nimbalkar, and friend Salim Sheikh expressed their grief and anger.

Ranjit's wife, Ankita, tearfully recounted, "As we were leaving, they shot my husband in front of our nine-month-old daughter." The incident has also sparked outrage on social media.

Assistant Police Inspector and Investigating Officer Rahul Ghuge successfully pacified the crowd, assuring them of a thorough investigation and stringent action against the culprits.

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