Defective Seeds: Farmer Wins Compensation from Seed Company

Seed companies cannot cheat farmers without facing consequences. Farmers can hold seed companies accountable for fraudulent practices.
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Pune: A farmer from Pandharpur in Solapur district has successfully obtained compensation from a private seed company after being deceived by the defective chili seeds he purchased.

By pursuing all legal avenues, the farmer secured ₹25,000 in cash and half a kilogram of chili seeds as compensation from the company. This victory demonstrates that farmers can hold seed companies accountable for fraudulent practices.

The Farmers' Steering Committee has highlighted through this case that seed companies cannot cheat farmers without facing consequences. The farmer, Rohan Ghadge, has set an example for others who may be victims of similar scams by seed and fertilizer companies.

Ghadge shared his experience, stating, “On April 6, 2024, I bought 'Sapna' chili seeds from Safal Seeds in Jalna and planted them. Initially, the seedlings responded well to fertilizers and pesticides, but about a month and a half later, they stopped responding.

I contacted the company, but received little assistance. I then met with the company's managing directors, but still got no response. Finally, to teach the company a lesson and prevent potential fraud against other farmers, I filed a formal complaint with the state agriculture department on June 7.”

Loss Due to 'Wilt' Disease

Following the complaint, the agriculture department inspected the chili crop on June 13, 2024. Their report confirmed that 66% of the crop was damaged by the wilt disease.

Contrary to the company's claim that the 'Sapna' variety is resistant to this disease, the Solapur District Agriculture Officer's report was sent to the State Agriculture Commissioner. Based on this report, the company agreed to compensate Ghadge with ₹25,000 and provide half a kilogram of chili seeds for free.

Seed companies often exploit farmers' vulnerabilities, but the Farmers' Steering Committee has sent a strong message that such deception will no longer be tolerated. This case is expected to encourage more farmers to come forward and file complaints against fraudulent companies without fear, stated Adv. Shrikant Kare, President, Farmers' Steering Committee

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