Electrical Hazards: MSEDCL urges citizens to report incidents via WhatsApp

MSEDCL has designated WhatsApp numbers for different regions. For Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad cities citizens can report issues to 7875767123.
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Pune: With the onset of the monsoon season, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has called on citizens to use WhatsApp to report any issues related to electrical safety. This includes broken or hanging wires, damaged or missing fuse boxes and feeder pillar doors, and exposed underground cables resulting from excavation activities.

To facilitate this, Mahavitaran has designated specific WhatsApp numbers for different regions. For Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad cities, along with the talukas of Haveli, Mulshi, Velha, Maval, Khed, Junnar, and Ambegaon, citizens can report issues to 7875767123. For Baramati, Indapur, Daund, Shirur, Bhor, and Purandar talukas, the number is 7875768074.

Residents are encouraged to send photographs and detailed addresses or locations of the hazards via WhatsApp. For those without WhatsApp, information can be sent via SMS to the same numbers. Mahavitaran also maintains toll-free helplines (1800-212-3435, 1800-233-3435, and 1912) available around the clock.

Pune Regional Director Ankush Nale highlighted that information and complaints received via WhatsApp are promptly forwarded to the respective offices. Once the repair work is completed, a post-repair photograph is sent to the complainant through WhatsApp. For complaints requiring higher-level approvals, funds, or relocations, proposals will be sent to senior offices and the complainants will be informed accordingly.

Additionally, Mahavitaran has urged the public not to paste posters or leaflets on electrical infrastructure such as transformers, feeder pillars, and electric poles due to the risk of electrical accidents. Ensuring public safety remains a top priority, and cooperation from residents is crucial for this initiative’s success.

Recently, three members of a family had tragically lost their lives due to electrocution in Dapodi-Kedgaon area. The electrocution was traced to a live wire that had come into contact with a metal sheet on their property. Over time, the wire's insulation had worn away due to wind, allowing electric current to flow through the clothesline.

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