Kalyani Nagar Accident: Pune Police to Challenge Minor's Bail in Supreme Court

Pooja Jain, the minor's aunt, filed a petition in the Mumbai High Court. Justices Bharti Dongre and Manjusha Deshpande ordered his release.
Supreme Court of India
Supreme Court of IndiaImage source: Wikimedia Commons

Pune: The Mumbai High Court recently granted bail to the minor son of construction businessman Vishal Agarwal in the Kalyani Nagar accident case. In response, Pune Police have been authorized by the state's Law and Justice Department to challenge this decision in the Supreme Court.

The incident, which occurred on May 19 at around 2:30 AM, involved a high-speed car crash that resulted in the deaths of Anish Avadiya, a software engineer, and Ashwini Koshta, both riding a two-wheeler. The minor son of Vishal Agarwal was taken into custody following the accident.

The Juvenile Justice Board had initially granted him bail under conditions that included writing a 300-word essay, working with traffic police for 15 days, and undergoing de-addiction treatment.

Public outrage ensued after the minor was granted bail. Subsequently, the police appealed to the Sessions Court against the Juvenile Justice Board's decision, which resulted in an order to place the minor in a juvenile detention center.

Pooja Jain, the minor's aunt, filed a petition in the Mumbai High Court, which led to the release of the minor. Justices Bharti Dongre and Manjusha Deshpande ordered his release and placed him under his aunt's care. The minor was released from the juvenile center on the night of June 25.

Pune Police are now set to take the matter to the Supreme Court. They sought permission from the Law and Justice Department two days ago, which was granted on Saturday. Senior police officials have confirmed that the process will be completed within two to three days.

In connection with the case, the minor's father Vishal Agarwal, grandfather Surendra Agarwal, and the pub owner and manager who sold alcohol to the minor have been arrested.

Vishal Agarwal faced additional charges for threatening the driver to take the blame for the accident. It was also revealed that blood samples were tampered with at Sassoon Hospital to protect the minor.

Dr. Ajay Taware and Dr. Shrihari Halnor from the hospital, along with the minor's mother Shivani Agarwal, were also arrested for their involvement in this matter.

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