Law and Order issues persist in Nagar Road area

Permits for several rooftop hotels and bars in Kalyani Nagar have been suspended. However, some owners have misled authorities to obtain licenses.
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Pune: The Nagar Road area continues to face significant law and order challenges, including street hooliganism, reckless driving, noisy motorcycles, public drinking, and road encroachments. While there have been minor improvements in Kalyani Nagar, residents feel these changes are overdue and resulted only after two tragic deaths in the Porsche car hit-and-run case.

In Kalyani Nagar, permits for several rooftop hotels and bars have been suspended pending further notice. However, some bar owners have misled authorities to obtain licenses. Disorderly parking in front of liquor stores and verbal abuse toward those who challenge such behavior remain common issues.

Hooliganism, threats, abusive language, and public drinking are still prevalent in Somnath Nagar, Sopan Nagar, and Viman Nagar. Noise from rooftop hotels and pubs is gradually increasing again, and late-night food stalls are contributing to the disorder. Increased police patrolling is essential to restore order. Yerawada police station's inspector declined to comment when contacted by journalist from 'Sakal'.

Residents Voice Their Concerns:

  • Abhijit Sen (Viman Nagar): "Hooliganism remains rampant in Viman Nagar. Miscreants who harass women still roam freely, instilling fear among them. Police seem to be focused only on issuing fines."

  • Rahul Chavan: "Drunks in Sopan Nagar, Wadgaon Sheri, continue to drink and break bottles on the streets. Despite multiple complaints, the police have taken no action."

  • Abhijit Salve (Kalyani Nagar): "Speed breakers have been installed and hotels now close on time in Kalyani Nagar, but we will remain dissatisfied until justice is served for the two lives lost in the accident."

  • Monika Sharma (Kalyani Nagar): "Positive changes in law and order in Kalyani Nagar came at the cost of two innocent lives. We've been complaining about illegal activities for two years, but authorities were inactive."

  • Rachna Agarwal (President, Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar): "Following the accident, pubs close on time, and noise pollution has decreased. We demand pubs and bars close by 11:30 PM. Traffic department installed speed breakers after meeting with us."

  • Mahesh Galande (Viman Nagar Chowk): "Despite the Kalyani Nagar incident, there's no improvement in Viman Nagar and Wadgaon Sheri. Heavy vehicles speed recklessly, and hooligans are seen at intersections."

  • Aarti Sonagra (Viman Nagar): "Dangerous heavy traffic and disorderly parking persist in Viman Nagar. Frequent traffic jams lead to arguments. Increased police patrolling is necessary for women's safety."

  • Hari Deshmukh (Wadgaon Sheri): "Police need to address street encroachments and resulting hooliganism. Illegal businesses are often forewarned about enforcement actions."

  • Abdul Sheikh (Viman Nagar): "Despite the severe accident, reckless traffic continues. Signals are ignored, endangering citizens. Police should act against noisy motorcycles."

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