Leopard Sighting in Rajgurunagar MSEDCL Office Sparks Chaos

Incident took place in MSEDCL office in Rajgurunagar and saw employees breaking into a sweat as the leopard entered a cluttered section of office.
Leopard at Rajgurunagar MSEDCL Office
Leopard at Rajgurunagar MSEDCL Office

Pune: A leopard was spotted inside the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) office on July 10 in Rajgurunagar, causing quite a commotion among the employees.

The incident, which took place in the MSEDCL office located in the Chandoli area near Rajgurunagar, saw employees breaking into a sweat as the leopard made its way into a cluttered section of the office.

The unexpected visitor quickly drew a crowd, and a video of the event has since gone viral on social media. The increasing presence of leopards in human settlements is becoming a regular sight in the talukas of Khed, Junnar, Ambegaon, and Shirur.

Over the past few days, several sightings of a leopard with its cubs around the MSEDCL office premises had been reported. However, on the morning of Wednesday, July 10, the situation escalated when the leopard entered the office itself, creating a stir among the staff.

The employees managed to confine the leopard to one of the rooms, and a rescue team has been deployed to capture the animal as swiftly as possible.

The presence of the leopard since the morning has made it challenging for the employees to carry out their duties. While the leopard's confinement brought some relief, it has also instilled fear among the staff and local residents. Efforts are underway to safely rescue the leopard from the office, with the hope of returning to normalcy soon.

Recently, a leopard was spotted at Katraj Ghat on Sunday (July 7) night near the Aryan School. Local residents captured photos and videos of the leopard on their mobile, before the animal vanished into dark.

Another video of a leopard crossing Saswad Road in Dive Ghat had also gone viral on social media. The footage, showing the leopard walking down the middle of the road, was captured on July 6 morning by travelers in Dive Ghat. The sighting prompted warnings from the villagers of Wadki to be vigilant while traveling through the area.

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