Monsoon Tourist Spots near Pune: Online Permit System to Regulate Tourists

Tourist permits be issued online on a first-come, first-served basis. Special police deployments to manage key access routes and strategic points.
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Pune: Following a tragic incident at Bhushi Dam in Lonavala, where six members of a family from Hadapsar drowned, the District Collector, Dr. Suhas Divase, has ordered strict enforcement of a long-standing rule prohibiting entry to tourist sites in forest areas after sunset.

Authorities failing to implement this rule will face severe consequences. Additionally, Dr. Divase has instructed the establishment of an online permit system to manage and regulate the number of tourists at these sites.

In a detailed circular issued post the Bhushi Dam tragedy, the District Collector emphasized the necessity of strictly adhering to the sunset entry ban at forest-area tourist sites.

Despite this rule, tourists frequently visit these locations, risking their safety. Dr. Divase warned that officials not complying with this directive would be held accountable and face stringent actions.

The district includes popular monsoon tourist spots such as Junnar, Ambegaon, Khed, Maval, Mulshi, Velha, Bhor, Purandar, and Indapur, featuring hills, waterfalls, forts, ghats, dams, and lakes.

To enhance safety, Dr. Divase has directed relevant departments to implement specific measures. The Forest and Irrigation Departments are to categorize these sites based on visitor density (A, B, C) and maintain records of tourists, ensuring their safe exit.

For high-density sites (Category A), capacity limits must be set to control crowds. Experienced fort and environmental experts will assist in determining these limits.

Tourist permits should be issued online on a first-come, first-served basis, aligned with the site's capacity. Special police deployments will manage key access routes and strategic points, especially on holidays.

Police, Forest, and Irrigation Departments are also instructed to prepare a list of emergency responders and provide them with training and necessary rescue equipment.

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation has been asked to conduct a comprehensive study of the district from a tourism perspective and present an emergency plan.

These measures aim to prevent further tragedies and ensure the safety of tourists visiting these popular monsoon destinations.

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