Pune: Two Zika virus cases reported in Erandwane

This is first instance of Zika infections this year in which a doctor and his daughter were diagnosed with the virus, showing mild symptoms.
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Pune: Two cases of the Zika virus have emerged in the Erandwane area of the city, causing serious concern among residents. A local doctor and his daughter have been diagnosed with the virus, showing mild symptoms such as fever and red rashes.

They are currently receiving medical treatment, and so far, no symptoms have been detected in others who were in contact with them.

This marks the first instance of Zika infections in Pune this year. The affected individuals, a 46-year-old doctor and his 15-year-old daughter, first noticed symptoms when the doctor developed a fever and rashes.

On June 18, he sent his blood sample to the National Institute of Virology, which confirmed Zika infection on June 20. Following this, his daughter also exhibited mild symptoms and tested positive for the virus on June 21.

The municipal health department has proactively tested those who interacted with the patients, with no additional Zika symptoms reported. In response to the outbreak, health officials have initiated insecticide spraying in the affected areas and are working to eliminate mosquito breeding sites. Local homes are being surveyed, and anyone displaying fever symptoms is receiving first aid and having blood samples collected.

Health authorities emphasize preventive measures, including avoiding water stagnation, wearing protective clothing, using mosquito repellent during the day, and sleeping under mosquito nets. Pregnant women are advised to take extra precautions as directed by their doctors.

Kalpana Balivanta, Acting Health Officer of the Municipal Corporation, assured the public that the two patients are stable and that comprehensive preventive measures are underway to control the spread of the virus.

Recently, 20 suspected cases of dengue were also reported in the Sadaanandnagar area of Mangalwar Peth. In response, the municipal corporation's health department had implemented preventive measures in the affected locality.

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