Pune: Dengue cases surge, PMC health department enforce preventive measures

20 suspected dengue cases have emerged in Mangalwar Peth alone, with 9 confirmed infections, prompting urgent action from PMC health department.
Pune: Dengue cases surge, PMC health department enforce preventive measures

Pune: The arrival of the monsoon season has led to a rise in dengue cases in Pune. Recently, 20 suspected cases of dengue were reported in the Sadaanandnagar area of Mangalwar Peth. In response, the municipal corporation's health department has swiftly implemented preventive measures in the affected locality.

From June 21 onwards, 20 suspected dengue cases have emerged in Sadaanandnagar, with nine confirmed infections. The high concentration of cases in this area has prompted urgent action from the health department.

Dr. Suryakant Devkar, Assistant Health Officer of the municipal corporation, stated, "Due to the significant number of dengue cases in Sadaanandnagar, we have started implementing preventive measures. The patients have been admitted to Kamla Nehru Hospital. A survey is underway in the area, and residents are being monitored. Immediate treatment is being provided to those exhibiting dengue-like symptoms."

In total, 63 suspected dengue cases have been reported in Pune this month, with 21 cases emerging this week alone. Over the year, the city has seen 393 suspected dengue cases. There have also been nine reported cases of chikungunya.

The municipal corporation has issued notices to 560 residential and commercial establishments found to have mosquito breeding sites, and fines amounting to 1,06,600 rupees have been collected.

Inspections by the health department in Sadaanandnagar revealed that while the tap water supply is clean, the water in building tanks is contaminated. Notices have been issued, and preventive measures are being enforced.

"Preventive measures are essential to control the spread of dengue. The municipal corporation's efforts highlight the need for vigilance and prompt action during the monsoon season to prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases like dengue and chikungunya, added Dr. Devkar.

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