Sinhagad Fort: New traffic management plan implementation begins today

The new traffic management measures aim to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for all visitors to Sinhagad during the busy monsoon season.
Ghat section at Sinhagad Fort
Ghat section at Sinhagad Fort

Pune: With the monsoon season bringing a surge of tourists to Sinhagad Fort, last weekend saw unprecedented traffic congestion as crowds swelled on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Responding to the situation, the Forest Department, via the Forest Committee, has devised a phased traffic release strategy, commencing today, Saturday, June 22.

Following media reports that highlighted the issue and called for district administration intervention, the Forest Department took swift action. The first trial of the new traffic management plan is set to take place in the Sinhagad Ghat today. The new measures aim to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for all visitors to Sinhagad during the busy monsoon season.

For the past four days, meticulous planning has been underway to prevent future traffic jams in the ghat area. This includes releasing traffic in stages, with tourists, vehicle drivers, jeep operators, and hotel staff urged to comply with the directions given by the forest committee's security personnel. Cooperation from all parties is essential to ensure smooth traffic flow and avoid gridlock.

Forest Range Officer Deepak Sakpal stated, "We are implementing phased traffic release and have set up several measures to improve traffic conditions. We ask everyone to follow the instructions provided and help us maintain order."

Key Measures to Alleviate Traffic Congestion:

  • Enhanced parking capacity on the fort by adding gravel

  • Clearly marked parking spaces

  • Removal of debris from the ghat

  • Addressing the narrow road from Kondhanpur Phata to the parking area

  • Implementing phased traffic release to mitigate congestion

  • Utilizing walkie-talkie systems for efficient communication

  • Providing clear instructions to security guards to prevent traffic jams

  • Issuing strict guidelines to ensure compliance by employees

  • Conducting meetings with jeep and hotel operators

  • Designating separate parking areas for hotel operators' vehicles

  • Ensuring jeep drivers adhere to security instructions

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