Vithoba Wari in California: Indians Celebrate with Symbolic Procession

Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area (MMBA) in San Francisco organizes the 'Vithoba Wari'. The procession begins at River View Park on North First Street.
Vithoba Wari in California
Vithoba Wari in CaliforniaSakal Media Group

Pune: The spirit of devotion for saints associated with the Pandharpur Wari is resonating not only in Maharashtra but also across the globe. Maharashtrian devotees living abroad, especially those in California, have embraced this tradition by organizing a symbolic 'Vithoba Wari,' experiencing a unique sense of spiritual connection.

In a bid to honor the age-old tradition, the Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area (MMBA) in San Francisco has been organizing the 'Vithoba Wari' for the past two years.

The event has garnered a positive response, with devotees gathering to chant holy names and participate in the procession, creating a vibrant atmosphere of spiritual unity.

"Although we are here for work and business, we have found a way to stay connected to our roots through the Vithoba Wari. The past two years have seen a significant turnout and enthusiastic participation. It's a beautiful way to experience spiritual joy," shared Veena Uttarwar, co-coordinator of the Vithoba Wari in California.

The procession, held three Saturdays and Sundays before the Ashadhi Wari, begins at River View Park on North First Street and continues to the Balaji Vithoba Temple.

Chanting "Dnyanoba-Tukaram" and singing devotional hymns, the devotees walk towards the Vithoba Temple from six in the morning to eleven, covering eleven kilometers each day.

In a highlight of the celebrations, sixteen devotees from California, led by Mohan Uttarwar, participated in the actual Pandharpur Wari last year. This symbolic procession in California reflects the dedication and love of the global Maharashtrian community towards their spiritual traditions.

Key organizers of this event include MMBA President Bhaskar Ranade and co-coordinator Veena Uttarwar, who have played a crucial role in planning and executing the celebrations.

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