Has COVID-19 left India? This Diwali, is pleasure more important than health
Pune's Tulshibaug witnessed sea of peopleImage by Vishwajeet Pawar

Has COVID-19 left India? This Diwali, is pleasure more important than health

Crowds were also seen milling the streets of other popular markets in many places such as Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat, Delhi

It seems that after trying to maintain social distancing and following COVID-19 protocols for over seven months, Indians have unrestricted all precautions and hit the streets with a fervor that is both senseless and fatal.

India has so far recorded over 81 lakh cases of novel COVID-19, with the second-highest number of cases following the USA. But it seems we Indians don't care about the outbreak anymore than they care about their own health and the health of their loved ones.

People found time to jeer governments that tried to ban crackers to limit air pollution and public gatherings.

Here are images of people flocking the streets and flouting social distancing in Gujarat.

What social distancing? This is what the Janpath market in Delhi looked like recently.

At such troubling times, it is really difficult to understand what people really want. Are festivals and shopping worth one's life? Is it that difficult to postpone or cancel outdoor activities for only one year? Yes, it's a tough time, especially for those on the sellers' side. And maintaining social distancing in tandem with the unlock guidelines from the government is the job of security and government authorities or the police, not residents.

As Diwali is here, cities are grinding with traffic as people head home to their loved ones, even as health authorities await the inadvertent, post-festive surge.

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