Experience a Bridgerton-like afternoon tea at these spots in Pune

The English afternoon tea culture has got us all intrigued with its finesse and luxurious feel. And not to forget, chai is the oxygen equivalent for survival amongst us Indians. Wishing to uplift your afternoon chai with speciali-tea? Pune's high-tea spots are here to fix your cravings! Grab a bite from the delectable range of savouries and desserts as you sip your tea in style at these high-tea spots in Pune!
Experience a Bridgerton-like afternoon tea at these spots in Pune
Experience a Bridgerton-like afternoon tea at these spots in Pune Image Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

Dearest gentle readers, as you delved into the ever-intriguing affairs of the ton with the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’, the author remains assured that your attention was perhaps grabbed by the intricately designed afternoon tea from the show. A fine experience, especially one that connects to your taste buds, is a dream that must be fulfilled. And so, the author attempts to make your dreams come true. For the eternal love of Chai, Pune's unique spots have curated some of the finest high-tea ensembles that one cannot miss. 

Here are some of the best high-tea spots in Pune that will turn your afternoon chai time magical! 

The Ritz-Carlton Tea Lounge

Bejewelled with a rich range of savouries and desserts accompanied by special artisanal teas and other beverages, The Ritz-Carlton Tea Lounge is a perfect destination for exquisite afternoon tea. The ambience adds to the culinary experience the place offers. This spot, inspired by traditional tea rooms across the world, definitely become one of the best tea lounges you must visit in Pune. 

Pune Sugar Box - Conrad Pune

Everyone deserves a pinch of extravagance in their afternoon tea time! Pune Sugar Box by Conrad Pune offers you the speciali-tea you deserve. Global blends of fine tea, exquisite sweet delights and flavorful snacks offered at the spot will gift you with some gastronomic surprises. Unwind with your friends and family at this beautiful afternoon tea experience in the city. 

Chirp Cafe

Indians love all things desi! So why not turn an English afternoon tea into Chaar ki Chai? Chirp Cafe in Pune has made our desi fusion of high-tea a reality with its unique touch to the trend. From the unbeatable Indian sweets to the chatpate desi delights, the high-tea tower ensemble by Chirp Cafe becomes a perfect partner with kadak chai. Visit the cafe with your loved ones to make your chai and gupshup sessions.

Pune has some of the best cafes and eateries you can check, bringing the best of foods to your plates. Add these high-tea spots to your foodie wishlist as you explore the city’s best eateries.

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