Fatal Adventure: 27 Drownings in Maval Water Bodies Over 3 Months

District administration has banned gatherings of more than five people, and forbidden taking selfies and reels at these locations.
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Pune: With the onset of the monsoon, numerous tourists flock to popular spots like Bhushi and Pavana Dam, Lonavala, Sinhagad, Malshej, Tamhini, and other Western Ghats locations in Pune district. However, these visits often lead to accidents in unknown and hazardous areas. Over the past three months, 27 people have drowned in various water bodies in Maval Taluka, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced safety measures.

On Sunday, June 30, a tragic incident occurred near Bhushi Dam in Lonavala where five members of a family drowned. This prompted the Pune district administration to implement stringent safety measures to prevent further accidents.

The administration has issued a notice banning visits to popular sites in Maval Taluka, including Bhushi Dam and Pavana Dam, from July 2 to 31.

In a joint operation by the Lonavala Municipal Council and Central Railway, over 60 unauthorized shops near Bhushi Dam were demolished as part of an anti-encroachment drive.

District Collector Suhas Divse has directed local authorities to take action against unauthorized constructions around tourist spots to enhance safety.

New Safety Measures and Restrictions

The district administration has prepared a comprehensive list of safety measures for dangerous tourist spots. This includes identifying and marking hazardous areas, ensuring the presence of lifeguards and rescue teams, and installing warning and informational signs.

Additionally, the administration has banned gatherings of more than five people, prohibited entry into deep waters, and forbidden taking selfies and reels at these locations. Violators will face strict action under the BNNS and Disaster Management Act provisions.

These measures are essential to safeguard tourists and prevent further tragedies. Rescue organizations like Wildlife Protector Maval (VRM) have already retrieved 27 bodies from various water bodies in Maval Taluka between March and May this year.

With these new restrictions and enhanced safety protocols, the administration aims to mitigate the risks and ensure a safer experience for all visitors.

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