Delicious dressing!

Delicious dressing!

If you’re a fashionista who is also a foodie, here’s some interesting news for you — designer Shalini Rathod has come up with a fascinating collection that combines your favourite junk food with funky outfits. Bringing a twist to the common phrase ‘you are what you eat’, the designer uses food-inspired motifs on her designs. But this isn’t the first time she has done this, the designer is known for mixing her two favourite things — food and fashion. 

Says Rathod, “It’s always about me trying out something fun and new for the youth. These clothes are for the people who would love to show the foodie side of themselves. The collection comes with hand-done embroidery along the sleeves and your favourite junk food patches on the front. I can’t wait to see the response of the people with these outfits.”

You can add a delicious touch to your wardrobe with these pieces. While all her previous collections, Espresso to Tequila, were inspired by food and drinks, this one includes more than that. “Our collection features smart casuals, as I like to call it, desk-to-dinner wear. Hence we have incorporated daily-utility elements like food, glasses, cars, balloons etc, which we see everywhere. We believe that good food means good mood,” says the designer. 

While people say that you are what to eat, Rathod believes in wearing what you eat. Talking about her favourite outfit, she says, “A dress with fries and burger is my favourite. It’s chic but realistic and comfortable.”

Describing the pieces in her collection, she says, “We have used all solid colours as they look bold but attractive at the same time. Also the colours of embroideries of these elements look brighter and enhanced with a strong colour base.” 

She adds, “We have used different designs, different embroideries, new design patterns, additional stitches to accentuate the beauty of the garments. We have tweaked the basic silhouettes to add a touch of glamour in them. Along with the hand-crafted embroideries, they are classy and wearable on any occasions.”

You can take your pick from a dress that’s all about tea to one that is as cool as cola. “We have created many hand-crafted embroideries using delicate materials and colour schemes which add fun but look realistic with our theme. The garments should exude fun and playfulness,” says the designer about her signature style of using food and beverage motifs.

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