Art Enthusiasts: Here is an Exhibition in Pune That You Must Visit

Art is closely related to Pune and the city has a legacy of birthing and nurturing artists from various fields. Here is an art exhibition to experience in Pune in the coming week
Art Enthusiasts: Here is an Exhibition in Pune That You Must Visit
Art Enthusiasts: Here is an Exhibition in Pune That You Must VisitImage Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

In the vibrant art scene of Pune, history shows promising artists, actors, musicians and more. In contemporary times, one name that stands out is Puneeta Ranjan, an artist whose work transcends the traditional boundaries of visual art.

Known for her evocative use of sombre and subtle colour, Puneeta has a unique way of expressing her inner world through her canvases. Each brushstroke and hue in her paintings tell a story, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and emotion. For those in Pune, her upcoming exhibition is a must-see event, offering a rare opportunity to experience her artistry firsthand.

In this interview, we delve into Puneeta's creative process, her inspirations, and the profound impact painting has as a form of expression while also talking about her upcoming exhibit in Pune.


Why is the collection called Poetry of Gaia?


The artist says, "I named this show “ The Poetry of Gaia” because Gaia is Mother Nature in Greek mythology. The subtle and understated elements of nature that influence how we feel and give a sense of ability to our daily experiences, the lines, textures of rocks, soil, shapes of clouds, the patina of leaves, all these feel like nature singing in rhythm, in poems."


Could you tell us about the medium of painting that you most enjoy, and why?


Here I have used different mediums: watercolours, oil paints, colour pencils, oil pastels and dry pigments. Sometimes my paintings require layers of washes .. then I use oil, and sometimes I want to catch the moment quickly, watercolours are the best for these … so depending on how and when I express myself, I pick up my medium of expression.

Watercolour is my favourite as it is like a meditation to me, rejuvenating as well as exciting, catching the spur of the moment. 

It is visible from her paintings, that watercolour, a medium that offers a kind of fluency in colours combined is a means of expressing or portraying how she sees the world.

How did you realize you wanted to become an artist?

I have always wanted to become an artist since I was a child, so here I am, leaving my job in finance and working full-time in my studio.

Talking about the inspiration for her art, Puneeta mentioned that she is always inspired by nature. Her paintings are often a reflection of what she sees in nature and around her.

What inspires you the most?

Nature is my muse always. It never ceases to fascinate me. 


Who is the one artist you look up to? Whose work do you admire?


V.S. Gaitonde is one of my favourite artists, I love his subtleties of using colours. I also like Cy Twombly, Van Gogh, Bridget Riley, and Gerhard Ritcher. All these amazing artists have inspired me over the years. 


What would you like people to experience when they visit your exhibition?


Landscapes have a political feel right now because of the climate emergency in which we are living. It is a very contemporary issue. Through these abstract works based on Mother Nature, I want to create an awareness for action to help preserve our Earth. 

Also finding peace and joy while appreciating the beauty of Nature through art creates healing within. It invokes in us a familiarity that there is something much greater guiding us that supports our wellness. 

If you are looking for something different to do in the city, visit The Poetry of Gaia at the Raja Ravi Varma Gallery from 25th to 30th June.

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