Devil is in details: All about Lucifer Season 5B and the heavenly cliffhanger

Major SPOILER alert! If you’ve not watched Lucifer Season 5B, stop reading. PS: We love the cliffhanger.
Devil is in details: All about Lucifer Season 5B and the heavenly cliffhanger
Tom Ellis stars as Lucifer Morningstar on Netflix's Lucifer. The show recently release Season 5BThe Bridge Chronicle

After a break of over a year and a half, Netflix finally released the much-awaited part 2 of Lucifer’s Season 5 on May 28. It was a great surprise when the streaming giant confirmed that the series will return for Season 6, the final season. The news came through an official Twitter post. The caption for the announcement said - "The devil made us do it. #Lucifer will return for a sixth and final season. Like, FINAL final." - was accompanied with an image that flashed ‘666’.

Although the fans are sad about the show’s eventual end, they are undoubtedly excited for the next season especially after the glamorous and flamboyant Season 5’s part 2. In the new part, actor Tom Ellis is back with his devilish charm and has managed to sweep his fans once again (no exaggeration there!). While Ellis created magic on screen, his on-screen dad – God (Dennis Haysbert) – made a divine appearance in his sons’ lives.

Here’s is how the new episodes have taken the story, Prince of Lies, ahead and have added to the family drama making way for Season 6.

Story so far

A quick recap to the story, Lucifer Morningstar - Lord of Hell (and his demon friend, Maze) - is in Los Angeles and runs his nightclub called Lux. On the Earthly plane, he meets the intriguing Detective Chloe Decker, who it turns out was intended to be a gift for Luci from his dear daddy - God.

Season 5’s episode ‘Spoiler Alert’ had a great cliffhanger and did total justice to its name. Dan realized that Lucifer is the actual devil and shoots him when he is around Chloe. The Light bringer’s lady love is kidnapped by his diabolical twin brother Michael and eventually rescued leading to a fight between the siblings - Lucifer (Tom Ellis), Micheal (also Tom) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside). While the time is frozen (accidentally by Amenadiel) you’ll remember that towards the end of the episode, God shows up, and says, "Children, you know I hate it when you fight."

Tom Ellis stars as Lucifer Morningstar on Netflix's Lucifer. The show recently release Season 5B
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Season 5B ending, explained!

Season 5’s part two picks up from the arrival of God Almighty, who interestingly decides to stay among the humans and with his family for a while! During his stay, the Almighty meets his grandson Charlie and tries to reconcile with Lucifer, who blames him for all the wrongs in his life (well, most at the least). There are times when you enjoy his presence as he makes everyone on the screen dance and sing, while there are some intolerable times when neither of the characters understands the other’s intent, which, Linda (the therapist) says is ‘normal’. During an awkward family dinner, planned by Charlie’s granddad, which goes off the rails, Linda notes that the siblings are “three sons who want their father’s love and don’t feel like they’re getting it.”

Towards the end, however, God announces his retirement and Lucifer jumps at the opportunity to take his place after the eldest of the Angels – Amenadiel – declines the position and back his younger brother. But how can anything be easy for the Samael? Of course not! Everything starts going downhill after his twin, Micheal, also decides to contest the elections for the position of God. The sibling rivalry results in Dan losing his life making Luficer’s intent stronger as he wants to change the system once he is God.

Screenshot of Lucifer Season 5B from Netflix
Screenshot of Lucifer Season 5B from NetflixNetflix/Twitter/@_ayushi_saran

Lucifer manages to take his father’s place after he selflessly sacrifices himself for Chloe, who was struck dead by Michael and goes to heaven. Even though Lucifer’s act of love destroys him, it also breaks his banishment from Heaven, helping him resurrect. This act of his also earns him the position of new God, though, right now, it’s all in the air. Towards the end, we hear him say – ‘Oh my, me!’

Tom Ellis stars as Lucifer Morningstar on Netflix's Lucifer. The show recently release Season 5B
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Netizens on Lucifer S5B

The season is certainly enjoyed by the Lucifans, but many others also appreciated all the characters and actors from the season's new part. Here's what the Twitteratis had to say about the season:

Season 6: The Cast

There are reports that along with Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Scarlett Estevez and DB Woodside will return for the final season as Chloe, Maze, Linda Martin, Ella Lopez, Trixie Espinoza and Amenadiel, respectively.

Those of you who have watched Season 5’s new part might be sceptical of Dan aka Kevin Alejandro’s return to the sets, but there are rumours that this may not be the last time we’ve seen him with the crew. Chis Rafferty, the series writer, shared with Lucifans on Twitter, “Due to the pandemic, #Lucifer Season 6 has had its share of scheduling changes… I am SUPER EXCITED to announce our new director for 609... @kevinmalejandro! Team #SpoilerAlert together again!!!”

So even if we don’t see him act and be on screen, we are sure to see him behind the screen and direct!

In Season 5B, a new character is also introduced - Carol Corbett - who, Dan thought would be a great match for Ella. It was only after he passed away, though, that the two could meet. We, the fans, instantly loved Ella and Carol's pairing. So, we hope that we see more Scott Porter, who plays Carol Corbett in Season 6.

Tom Ellis stars as Lucifer Morningstar on Netflix's Lucifer. The show recently release Season 5B
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Season 6: The Plot

One should remember that despite Lucifer wielding the Flaming Sword and the Angels and Demons kneeling to him, there was no proof that he is now all-powerful. With God leaving to another Universerve altogether, we are yet to find out if Lucifer is really his successor, and if yes, what kind of powers will he have over Hell, Heaven and Earth. These are some of the things that may get cleared in Season 6.

Some of the other things that we hope are solved in Season 6 (most probably will,) are that if Lucifer is the Almighty, what changes will he bring? One of the things that we may (or may not) miss in Season 6 is Tom playing the piano and the colourful parties at Lux. We also wonder if (new) God be interested in solving crimes with the Detective (Chloe) and Ella.

Tom Ellis stars as Lucifer Morningstar on Netflix's Lucifer. The show recently release Season 5B
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Season 6: The Trailer and Release Date

As much as we would love to tell you about the trailer and the release date, nothing has been announced yet and we don’t have the kind of power to see-all and know-all.

Watch this space for the updates, though!

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