Netflix StreamFest: Your binge-watch guide for December

Now that we know that Netflix StreamFest is happening on 5th and 6th of December, TBC picks out the best of Netflix for you.
Netflix StreamFest: Your binge-watch guide for December
Netflix StreamFest: Your binge-watch guide for DecemberImage source: The Bridge Chronicle

Remember, as kids, the days leading up to a school picnic were always full of excitement. Begining from making a list, picking out your favourite snack, loading up on chocolates and getting special treats; everything led to that one perfectly planned day.

Yet as an adult, and especially in times like these, excitement might be a rare privilege. Most of us have not been to the office for the longest time, and are now beginning to miss sweaty trains and traffic.

But as usual, Netflix has come to our rescue. If you already have a subscription, Netflix StreamFest might not be a big thing. But for people who are still unsure if a subscription is worth it, this might be your chance to catch up on the best of content the platform has to offer.

The Bridge Chronicle picks out the most appreciated and awaited Netflix series and movies to watch during the StreamFest.


Delhi Crime:

This one needs no introduction. After bagging the International Emmy Awards for Best Drama series, Delhi Crime is definitely a must-watch. Tied around a gripping seven-episode crime-drama, this is an exceptional feat for the country. The series tells a fictionalised version of the events that happened after Delhi's Nirbhaya gang-rape case.


If you are looking for some crime and mystery entertainment, (something on the lines of Crime Patrol) then Criminal could be of interest to you. The two-season long series features questioning between cops and the accused. With this, unfolds how every case is solved, in its own beautiful way.


If an easy-watch is all you need, then Mismatched is just about the right thing. The newly launched series has it all -- from fresh faces to college romance; fights and bullies. It's a sure shot trip to reminiscing your college days.



If Citizen Kane, the classic, holds a ranking in your favourite movie list, then MANK is a treat for you. Unfolding the other side of the story, Director David Fincher follows the life of alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz. And the struggles faced by him while finishing the film.

Release Date: December 4

Bombay Rose:

The first Indian animation film, selected to open Venice Critics' Week -- Bombay Rose releases on Netflix this week. Giving animation a Bollywood twist, the film follows the story of a flower seller falling in love.

Release Date: December 4

Leyla Everlasting:

Give your weekend a comic spin with this hilarious Netflix Original film that follows a husband trying to kill his wife. The twist? Leyla, the wife, refuses to die (hence, the name), ruining his plans to live with his girlfriend/couple therapist, happily ever after.

Release Date: December 4

Don't forget the popcorn and drinks!

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