Sarah Cooper's hilarious videos on Donald Trump

Sarah Cooper's hilarious videos on Donald Trump

On Monday, May 18, US President Donald Trump, told the media how he has been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure against coronavirus and it has caused a huge uproar. 

Trump said: “I take it because I think I hear very good things… I want the people of this nation to feel good. I don’t want them being sick.” 

Scientists have warned against the side effects of the drug which has caused severe heart rhythm problems in COVID-19 patients and therefore must not be administered. Also, there’s no evidence that hydroxychloroquine can protect people from the virus, so it is not a preventive drug.

The president’s ‘irresponsible’ behaviour has irked medical experts and researchers. The media has also issued warnings against use of the drug. Fox News, US, told its viewers: “It will kill you”. 

If you want a hilarious take on this, watch Sarah Cooper’s video: ‘How to hydroxychloroquine’. At the time of writing this article, Sarah’s video had received 188K likes and 47K retweets.

Trending on Twitter, this parody video shows Sarah lip-syncing Trump and telling news reporters why he thinks ‘hydroxy’ is a great drug. Armed with a green cleaning liquid bottle and another which also looks like a cleaning spray, she explains in true Trump style how anybody can take the drug and feel good. If only the President could back up this information with science and data. But who cares!  

For the uninitiated, Sarah Cooper’s Twitter bio reads: Writer / comedian / #blockedbytrump / wrote 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings & How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings. 

Blocked by Trump – that’s a clue for you to know what the Brooklyn-based author and comedian tweets. But what has caught the world’s attention is Sarah’s inimitable impersonation of Trump. Her TikTok videos titled ‘How to more cases than anybody in the world’, ‘How to #ObamaGate’, ‘How to testing’, ‘How to medical’and so on will blow your mind, even in the time of coronavirus. Where does she get her material from? Trump’s press briefings on the pandemic.

Her earlier video ‘How to medical’, which received 476K likes and 154K retweets so far, will leave you in splits. She rips apart Trump as he explains to the press how exposing the body to UV rays or injecting it with disinfectants could knock out the virus in a minute but later clarified he was being sarcastic. His explanation was downright hilarious. But Sarah’s expressions are priceless. UV rays entering your body through the skin or some other way where she points to her derriere. Lip-syncing the part where Trump says, ‘Injecting disinfectants’, Sarah can be seen with a cleaning spray bottle and pumping some disinfectant spray into the body, all in good humour.     
Sarah is not only flawless at impersonating Trump but even her sidekicks (again played by Sarah) in her videos, like the medical expert who mumbles something as she tries to dismiss Trump’s ‘sounds interesting’ idea or the nurse who feels embarrassed at Trump’s ludicrous thought of fighting the virus with hydroxychloroquine but keeps a straight face so as to not annoy him, are great comedic performances too. 


How to hydroxychloroquine

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In ‘How to more cases than anybody in the world’, watch the journalist (played by Sarah) slink away as Trump says that America has the highest number of corona cases because the USA is testing much more than any other country. If they didn’t do that many tests, the cases would be much lower. Just wait for the moment when Sarah sniffs the Sharpie in the video. That’s a killer move --- you could just die laughing.  

With more than 650K followers, including illustrious names like Barrack Obama and JK Rowling, and more pouring in everyday to watch her videos, Sarah is bringing the house down. Give it up for her. 

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