IT Hubs in Pune: Explore some of the best places to work

The city's remarkable growth has made Pune the host to many technological hubs pressing for development and job opportunities.
IT Hubs in Pune: Explore some of the best places to work
IT Hubs in Pune: Explore some of the best places to workImage Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

Pune in recent years has experienced a surge in economic growth as well as in the technological aspects, with tech giants, startups, and IT professionals have been moving to Pune, this has vibrantly burgeoned Pune's reputation as a growing IT Hub in India.

Pune has in no time become home to a vibrant IT ecosystem, Pune has in the past few years successfully become the host to a plethora of several cutting-edge IT parks that offer space for innovation, collaboration and economic growth.

Its transformation from the centre of education where millions of students come to study not just from different parts of the country but globally, home to some of the best educational institutes, Pune today is swiftly changing gears stepping into the world of technology becoming the booming the IT hub in India after Bangalore.

Pune in 2018 stood at the top of the rankings as the most liveable city in India. This reputation has only soaredin the past few years making Pune the new IT Metropolis.
EON IT hub in Kharadi
EON IT hub in Kharadi

A list of top IT Parks in Pune:

1. Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park

2. EON Free Zone IT Park, Kharadi

3. Cybercity Magarpatta

4. SP Infocity IT Park, Phursungi

5. World Trade Center, Kharadi

6. Weikfield, Viman Nagar

7. Cerebrum IT Park

8. ICC Tech Park, Shivaji Nagar

The top 10 IT companies in Pune are; Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, Wipro, AMDOCS,
Did you know?
Software exports from Pune have increased from Rs. 80 million in 1994-95 to more than Rs. 15,000 million in 2008. Pune is one of the major IT hubs of India, and a home to many web design companies

With new companies entering the country, Pune has opened its doors to these new IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Dell, Cognizant, and TCL. They have been smartly located near various IT parks around the city, som of Pune's famous IT hubs are; the Rajiv Gandhi- Hinjewadi IT parks, Magarpatta, IT park in Hadapsar, Eon IT Park in Kharadi.

the metamorphosis of the city into an IT powerhouse has been directly proportionate to the infrastructural development in the city. the rise of several commercial centers that house the people of these IT parks, alongside the commercial growth, residential complexes have sprung in the locality. The new ecosystem looks balanced where professionals from all across the world and at times globally congregate. The city has also become a centre of great conversation with ideas and innovation springing.

The lifestyle renaissance in Pune is one of the main results that have pounced on establishing new IT hubs in town. These have been a great canvas in the city's smart city initiatives. Several tech companies have contributed to the Pune smart city landscape.

A few of the many uplinking hubs are:

1. Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park, it was Pune's first ever IT park,ever since its establishment it has never stopped growing. Today it has three different phases; Hinjawadi Phase 1, Hinjawadi Phase 2, and Hinjawadi Phase 3. The It Park is well conected to the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway providing easy accesibility to Mumbai. The RGIP will soon be connected to other parts of Pune by a metro making the commute easier.

Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park
Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park

Cybercity Magarpatta , this is a township project which involves a big IT Park. It is an initiative by the Magarpatta City Development and Construction Company. It has become a significant IT hub in the city where many tech related busineses have flourished. This park has 18 towers including companies like Accenture and Capgemini.

Magarpatta Township Project.
Magarpatta Township Project.

3. ICC Tech Park, this park is located in the heart of the city. The park is situated in Shivajinagar and its called one of the best tech park of Pune. Some big companies like Delloitte, Cognizant, Nokia, Force Motors.

 ICC Tech Park
ICC Tech Park

The IT parks in Pune have been planned differently from the typical office complexes, they offer a mix of offics space, retail outlets, gymnasiums, restaurants and more. The existing Parks including the upcoming IT parks in Pune, are all set up to improve connectivity making life easier for the professionals working there.

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IT Hubs in Pune: Explore some of the best places to work
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